Prince Harry, Meghan Markle refuse to let their haters win

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been facing a hard time since they were brutally roasted in an episode of Southpark but they have vowed not to let their “haters” win. Adding to it, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were branded the “the two of the biggest losers in Hollywood,” by The Hollywood Reporter.

They also were accused of colluding with their alleged pal, Omid Scobie, over his latest release, Endgame, in which he attacked the Royal family. Speaking on the matter, a source told Star Magazine, “Getting roasted and portrayed as a laughingstock on Southpark cut deep.

Prince Harry

The insider also revealed how the couple believes the report that their nonprofit organization allegedly experienced a $11 million drop in donations was true.

As per OK! Magazine, the California-based Royal family got “$2 million in charitable contributions, but in 2021, they received close to $13 million. Hence, they are “adamant” the figures are wrong, the insider said, adding, “They have no plans to roll over and let the haters win

Source: People

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