Prince Harry shows no sign of narrowing tensions with King Charles

Experts fear Prince Harry and Prince William’s bond shows no sign of getting fixed. It has come around the same time as Robert Hardman’s new book about Queen Elizabeth’s final moments. Everything has been written by author Ffion Haff, in one of her most recent pieces for the Daily Mail.

In it, she said, “Few had anticipated its quite extraordinary success” given that he “has hardly been known for his literary abilities, after all.” For those unversed with the memoir, it racked up 1.4 million in the first 24 hours of its release, with over three million copies being sold.

Prince William

“Said to have been the result of a $20m book deal, the steady stream of royal and personal revelations has been a huge commercial success for Prince Harry – and has given his voice unprecedented global reach.”

“But at what cost?” the writer also asked. Because “although significant sections of material were reportedly removed from the book at a late stage, Harry’s unflinching commentary on William, Kate and other royals is felt to have driven a wedge between the prince and his family. And even “twelve months later, the distance between them shows no sign of narrowing.

Source: BBC

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