Prince William fails to protect Kate Middleton

Prince William reportedly feels “guilty” for not being able to protect his wife, Kate Middleton, from public attacks launched at her by Meghan Markle’s “mouth-piece,” Omid Scobie. William, the Prince of Wales, believes he could not keep up the promise he made to Kate’s parents, Michael and Carole Middleton, that he would always look after the Princess.

Speaking with OK! Magazine, royal expert Jennie Bond said William is suffering in silence since Scobie accidently named Kate as one of the two “racist royals” who had concerns about Prince Archie’s skin colour. He hates the pressure Kate Middleton is in, the expert told the publication, adding, “William feels guilty and angry because he promised Kate’s parents that he would protect and look after her.

The expert continued: “The attacks from Omid Scobie were vicious, so William will feel guilty because all she’s done is fall in love with someone who happened to be a future king. There’s obviously a lot of baggage that comes with this – it’s a unique and different life which you’ve got to have a very thick skin for.”

She went on to add how proud William feels seeing her thrive as the Princess of Wales following the tragic passing of his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth.

“Kate has demonstrated that she’s the real deal and William constantly shows that he’s hugely proud of her,” Bond shared. Kate’s strength is drawn from the fact that she was given such a long apprenticeship – those nine or ten years that she was allowed to see a little bit of what life would be like in the royal court were completely invaluable.

Source: People

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