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Jennifer Lopez breaks silence on crazy label

Jennifer Lopez seemingly does not care for money when she follows her heart. As fans will know, the wife of Ben Affleck is releasing her upcoming album by the name This is Me Now…, next Friday.

Ahead of its release, Jennifer Lopez had a confessional with The Hollywood Reporter in which she touched on the obstacles of creating her newest album. Speaking of her 9th album, the 54-year-old multihyphenate revealed that she totally ‘self-financed’ it.

Jennifer confessed, “Everybody thought I was crazy when I said I would do it.” She went on to reveal, “We did have financing, and then that fell out.

Jennifer Lopez

“They pulled out at the last minute, and then it was that moment where you go, OK, do we just make a video or do we go ahead and do this thing?” the Ain’t Your Mama songstress added.

During this conversation, her Nuyorican Prods. producing partner Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas was also present, who reported that she was initially “terrified” of Jennifer’s decision.

Nonetheless, the producer admitted that “she understood that” Jennifer “had to do it” due to her “belief” in the singer.

”She understood it was a fool’s errand to finance your own thing, and yet sometimes the fool is the genius because you’re following your heart and this really is her heart,” Elaine remarked in conclusion.

Source: People

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King Charles

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