King Charles urged to strip Prince Harry of his title after UK visit

King Charles has been told to strip Prince Harry of his Royal title following his brief visit to UK before he attended the 13th Annual NFL Honours.

Speaking with GB News, royal expert Tom Bower claimed that Harry, the Duke of Sussex, only came to UK to see Charles so people won’t bash him when he attends the Las Vegas event.When Harry announced he was doing his dash across the Atlantic last Tuesday, I said many times how suspicious it was,” he told the publication.

“I didn’t believe he was coming on a charitable quest to be by his father’s side. Now I’ve been proved right,” Bower continued.

“You can’t trust the Sussexes. Everything is done in their own self-interest and they have been absolutely poisonous in their treatment and their comments about Britain and the monarchy.

King Charles

“We’ve gone through it all so many times, it’s dreadful. And I do hope that now, when Harry was kicked out after 30 minutes, having flown from California.

“He was not invited to stay the night in any of the many palace bedrooms, and then he scuttled back to California the following morning, I think he’s got the message he’s not welcome in Britain.”

He went on to urge Charles to take away Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s titles for always insulting the Royal family with their antics.

“I just hope that when King Charles recovers, he finally puts paid to the Sussexes and takes away their titles or whatever tells them very firmly they’re not welcome in Britain,” Bower said.

Source: BBC

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