King Charles is finding cancer extremely frustrating

King Charles is allegedly starting to feel his cancer diagnosis being ‘extremely frustrating’ on him. All of this has been shared by royal commentator Sarah Vine. She broke her silence over everything in a candid piece for The Daily Mail.

She weighed in on everything by comparing the reigns of both King Charles and Queen Elizabeth by saying, “Let’s not forget: Queen Elizabeth II was a girl queen who grew into the role; he had lived a whole life before that crown – and that immense responsibility – was placed on his head. And yet, so far, he has borne both admirably.”

“To have to press the pause button on all that at this early and crucial stage must be extremely frustrating for him,” the expert also noted. In fact, I would be so presumptuous as to say he will be kicking himself, since he is a man who feels his responsibilities acutely.

The expert also poked a bit of fun and said, “I pity his doctors: He will make a terrible patient, always pushing at every opportunity to get back to work in the service of the nation. But he must rest and recuperate, and not be too hard on himself.”

“For in the short time that he has worn the crown he has already earned the trust and respect of the British people,” she also added prior to signing off.

For those unversed, according to the outlet, 70% of people have been ‘pleasantly surprised’ by his work ethic since taking the throne.

Source: People

In other news – King Charles gets emotional in first meeting with Prince Harry after cancer diagnosis

Britain’s King Charles apparently got emotional while meeting his estranged son Prince Harry, who landed in UK after the monarch’s cancer diagnosis.

King Charles

The Duke of Sussex returned to Britain on Tuesday and was spotted arriving at Clarence House, the London residence of King Charles and his wife, Queen Camilla. According to media reports, King Charles and Harry’s meeting was short and private. Read more

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