Disney confirms Moana 2

Disney finally announced the theatrical release date for Moana 2. The information was made public on CNBC by the company’s CEO Bob Iger, before Disney’s fiscal first-quarter earnings release. He revealed that the second Moana was originally intended to be a TV series, but he chose to make it into a feature picture after being impressed by the footage.

“Moana remains an incredibly popular franchise. We can’t wait to give you more of Moana and Maui when Moana 2 comes to the theaters on 27 November,” he announced. According to Variety, Bob’s choice to release Moana 2 in theatres comes after Disney’s disappointing box office performance in 2023.

Moana 2 will take Disney fans on an “expansive new voyage” with Moana, Maui, and a brand-new crew of unlikely seafarers, according to Disney.

The plot navigates around Moana’s mission to reach the remote areas of Oceania, through the hazardous, long-lost waters, after hearing an unexpected call from her navigational ancestors.

The first part of the animated musical generated more than $680 million at the box office for Disney, with 1 billion hours streamed on Disney

Source: People

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