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Nicolas Cage wants to come on Star Trek board

Nicolas Cage is a dedicated ‘Trekkie,’ and in a recent interaction with the media, the actor doubled down on his wish to star in the Star Trek franchise.

Appearing at the 51st Annual Saturn Awards, the Ghost Rider star told TrekMovie, “Well, my passion is more Trekkie. I grew up watching Shatner and Nimoy and Bones, and those stories on television had a lot of wisdom and socially relevant commentary. He continued, “So I’ve always been partial to Star Trek. Well, I’ve been hearing some talk about it, but nothing real.”

“Since [the 2023 interview] there was a few comments from Paramount, but who knows? I’d want to be on the bridge. I want to be on the Enterprise. Yeah. Who knows?”

In another media talk, Nicolas spoke about being contacted by the Paramount. There were a couple of phone calls. I don’t know, I’d have to see a script. It would have to be something that I could really add my flavor to; have some pop and some spark.”

“I wouldn’t want to just do anything, because I have so much love for the franchise,” the 60-year-old noted. “I want to be on the Enterprise.”

“Ideally, I’d have to be on the Enterprise in some capacity. I don’t want to be floating in space on a satellite! I want to be on the bridge, but they have to bring it to me.

Source: People

In other news – Disney confirms Moana 2

Disney finally announced the theatrical release date for Moana 2. The information was made public on CNBC by the company’s CEO Bob Iger, before Disney’s fiscal first-quarter earnings release.

Disney confirms Moana 2

He revealed that the second Moana was originally intended to be a TV series, but he chose to make it into a feature picture after being impressed by the footage. Read more

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