Prince Harry turns to military briefing style after legal loss

Prince Harry seemingly took a page from his military days as he addressed his admirers for a special speech today. The Duke of Sussex, who made a speech for the WellChild Awards nominations this week, spoke about ‘strength’ and determination.

Reading his body language, expert Judi James commented: “That background might look familiarly Montecito and the thong round his neck implies a casual approach but Harry’s body language here suggests a more ‘military briefing’ style of delivery as he bounces on his heels with his chin raised, his brows steepled and his head cocking from side to side.”

She continued: “There is some body-bristling here to suggest gentle authority and his chest seems to splay as he braces himself when he speaks of the children’s ‘resilience and positivity’. There is even a Lord Kitchener-style point to the camera as he enlists the help of ‘You’ the viewer.

Source: People

In other news – Prince Harry will have to pursue path of reconciliation for years with Royals

Prince Harry will have to pursue “path of reconciliation with the Royal family for “years” before they would even consider the idea to put the feud behind.

Prince Harry

Since the Duke of Sussex was informed of King Charles’ cancer diagnosis, he has been hinting at his desire to end the rift with his estranged family. Read more

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