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Thomas Simani gets mysterious skin disease after bonking 5 married women

There was chaos in Mt Hampden, Harare, as a 37-year-old man named Thomas Simani, who engaged in relationships with married women, is facing distress as a mysterious skin ailment takes a toll on his body. Thomas Simani, currently enduring agony, attributes his condition to his involvement with married women.

His affliction manifests as a peculiar skin disease marked by a thick layer of sores that intermittently fall off, accompanied by dust emanating from his body upon touch. Disturbing images shared on social media by Kwayedza depict Simani’s head covered in sores, with barely visible hair, and his skin turning as white as snow.

Thomas Simani gets skin disease after having affairs with 5 women

Thomas Simani Daily Life

His daily life has been severely disrupted by the mysterious ailment, impairing his ability to engage with others. Those in close proximity have reported a pungent odour emanating from him, rendering it unbearable to be in his vicinity. Simani is convinced that his condition extends beyond mere physical affliction; he attributes it to spiritual causes.

Simani attributes the onset of his condition to his romantic entanglements with five married women. He believes that the use of juju (traditional African magic) by one of these women’s husbands has resulted in his current predicament. Whether Simani has sought medical assistance remains undisclosed, and his conviction in the spiritual nature of his ailment raises questions about the course of action he should take.

Thomas Simani gets skin disease after having affairs with 5 women

Social media is abuzz with speculations regarding Simani’s situation. Many believe that he might have been involved with a woman whose husband resorted to traditional medicine to “lock” her fidelity. Such occurrences are not uncommon in Zimbabwe, where individuals sometimes turn to juju to ensure their partners remain faithful.

Thomas Simani gets skin disease after having affairs with 5 women

In response to Simani’s plight, some individuals familiar with traditional practices have advised him to seek help from a traditional healer. Additionally, he is urged to locate the husband of the woman he was involved with and comply with whatever price is claimed to bring an end to his condition.

Source: Mbaretimes

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