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Zim Govt Announces Discovery of Light Oil in Muzarabani-Mbire District

In a groundbreaking advancement for Zimbabwe’s energy industry, the government has officially announced the discovery of light oil in the Muzarabani-Mbire district, representing a significant achievement in the country’s oil and gas exploration endeavours.

This significant development was revealed by Hon Zhemu Soda, the Minister of Mines and Mining Development, during a press briefing held on Monday. The exploration efforts, spearheaded by Geo Associates in collaboration with partners Invictus Energy and One Gas Resource, yielded promising outcomes at the Mukuyu-2 exploration well. In addition to identifying natural gas, the exploration uncovered light oil, helium, and hydrogen, unveiling a plethora of economic opportunities.

Light Oil in Muzarabani-Mbire District

Minister Soda underscored the favourable attributes of the natural gas, emphasizing its high quality characterized by minimal impurities and the absence of hydrogen sulphide—a sought-after quality in oil and gas exploration. Notably, the classification of the discovered oil as “light oil” is particularly advantageous, commanding premium prices, requiring less refining, and yielding higher percentages of diesel and gasoline, including jet A1 fuel. The revelation of helium and hydrogen further augments the positive outcomes from the Mukuyu deposit, opening doors for additional exploration and utilization ventures.

According to Minister Soda, reserve fluid samples analyzed by Invictus Energy indicate an estimated 14-22 barrels of condensate/light oil per one million standard cubic feet of gas. The presence of high-quality natural gas, with minimal impurities and low levels of hydrogen sulphide and CO2, underscores the potential for substantial economic gains and energy-related benefits.

Scott McMillan, the Managing Director of Invictus Energy, provided additional insights, confirming the presence of light oil and gas condensate yields ranging from 30-135 barrels per million standard cubic feet in the Mukuyu-1 mud gas analysis results. This reinforces the prospect of significant economic prosperity and energy security arising from successful oil and gas exploration activities in the region.

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