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David Beckham on ‘Spice Girls’ reunion: I didn’t expect them

David Beckham reportedly did not expect the Spice Girls to reunite on Victoria Beckham’s 50th birthday. Recalling his wife birthday, the father of four said on Jimmy Kimmel Live, “It’s actually been like 12 years since they did the Olympics in the UK, but over 15 years since they were actually on the stage together.

“So obviously having them all that night — and I didn’t expect them to all get up on stage — but I had a whole video planned where me and my kids recreated the ‘Mama’ video,” he also recounted.

David and Victoria Beckham

He even added, “So my son, who plays the guitar and sings, had a song and he sang ‘Mama’ and then all of a sudden all the girls got up.

“I’m their biggest fan. I tend to not tell my wife that because I tend to tell her that I fancied her, but she was a Spice Girl! I love that about her. So I was a fan,” the former footballer also professed before moving on to another topic.

Source: People

In other news – Prince William isolating himself from inner circle amid Kate Middleton’s health woes

Prince William has seemingly went inside of himself now that Kate Middleton has started to undergo treatment for her own preventative cancer battle. The news has been brought to light by a close pal of Prince William. They brought it all up to People magazine, during one of their candid interviews.

Prince William

Per the pal, Prince William’s own personal inner circle seems less than ample because he “is not leaning on too many others” at the moment. Similar sentiments have also been shared earlier by other fans and insiders. Read more

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