Prince William isolating himself from inner circle amid Kate Middleton’s health woes

Prince William has seemingly went inside of himself now that Kate Middleton has started to undergo treatment for her own preventative cancer battle. The news has been brought to light by a close pal of Prince William. They brought it all up to People magazine, during one of their candid interviews.

Per the pal, Prince William’s own personal inner circle seems less than ample because he “is not leaning on too many others” at the moment. Similar sentiments have also been shared earlier by other fans and insiders.

One even went as far as to tell Us Weekly, “Whether you’re a prince or a pauper, no one would expect anything like this with his father and his wife both being treated for cancer” so as of right now Prince “William is digging deep.

A separate source also offered a more inside perspective and admitted that Prince William is rather opting for the “nuclear family unit”.

While Prince William has grown even close to his father during this time, Kate Middleton has become even more friendly to her mother because “you can let down your barriers when it’s your mother,” per an insider.

Source: People

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