Meghan Markle skipped Met Gala for more ordinary things in life

Meghan Markle missed the start-studded Met Gala for a special reason. The Duchess of Sussex, who was reportedly invited to the fashion night of the year, skipped the glitzy event for her son’s birthday.

Royal expert Tom Quinn said: “Meghan was hugely tempted to go to the Met Gala. She loves this kind of big, glitzy event, especially as it’s held to raise money for charity, and with the launch of her new online brand, she needs all the publicity she can get.

He added: “She may no longer be a working actor, but she’s addicted to mixing with celebrities – that’s why she lives in Montecito next door to Katy Perryand Orlando Bloom and a host of other A-listers. The glamour associated with being a celebrity in the States has always been something Meghan can’t do without and an event such as the Met Gala is almost too tempting to resist.

Meghan Markle

Talking about Archie’s birthday celebrations, scheduled for 5th May, the expert noted: “When it comes to her children’s birthdays, Meghan is almost obsessed with the idea that they should be quiet, very private affairs, with simple games, a birthday cake and ice cream.

“Archie is a real live-wire who loves rushing around at top speed so there will also be blind man’s bluff and tag among other games. Meghan combines a deep sense of her own global importance in the wider world with a desire to make her children experience what she sees as the more ordinary things in life,” Mr Quinn noted.

Source: People

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John Swinney

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