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10 Tech Companies in the Chicago Area to Work For

Chicago is a major city in the northern part of Illinois. Companies from several industries establish their headquarters in Chicago, including technology companies. If you’re looking for a job in technology and you live in Chicago, it might be helpful to learn about the different companies where you can work, so you can choose the one that best matches your goals and values.

In this article, we explore 10 tech companies in Chicago, explore their size and office location and discuss their services or products.

10 tech companies in Chicago

These companies operate in the technology industry and have their corporate headquarters in Chicago, though many also have offices in other locations. Here are 10 tech companies in Chicago:


1. Avant

Size: Between 501 and 1,000 employees

Description: Founded in 2012, Avant is a tech company that specializes in helping customers improve their financial standings. Avant does this by conducting market research on effective financial products and developing their own improved versions. Many of Avant’s products also prioritize mobile compatibility, which can allow more people to access their products on mobile devices. At Avant, you might find work in positions like a front-end mobile engineer, a data security manager or a cloud network engineer.


2. BigTime Software

Size: More than 90 employees

Description: BigTime Software offers several products that can help clients conduct business in a variety of industries. This can include areas like engineering, professional consulting and accounting. Since its founding in 2002, BigTime Software has released a number of products that make clients’ digital processes easier, one of their most popular releases being a SaaS-based system. A few job titles you might find at BigTime Software are solutions consultant, account executive and .NET developer.

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3. Black Spectacles

Size: Between 11 and 50 employees

Description: Black Spectacles is an online learning platform that exists to serve architects and support them in preparing for their careers. The company offers software tutorials and digital study programs for various architecture certification exams. Black Spectacles has offered online learning resources to architects since its founding in 2010 and continues to empower architects who newly enter the field. At Black Spectacles, you might pursue jobs such as an art director, a product owner or an architect education specialist. Some positions at Black Spectacles also operate remotely, which can be ideal for candidates who want to work from home.


4. Bringg

Size: Between 11 and 50 employees

Description: Founded in 2013, Bringg offers a platform to its customers that allows them to organize delivery operations. They design their products to help businesses that engage in deliveries maximize their efficiency by finding the most logical solution for each project. At Bringg, you might find jobs in positions like a full-stack developer, back-end developer and front-end developer.


5. Civis Analytics

Size: Between 51 and 200 employees

Description: Civis Analytics focuses on helping organizations organize and use data for business purposes. They do this by developing new services for storing and accessing data and offering services like advising and market research. You might find work at Civis Analytics in positions like a software engineer, an applied data science lead or an account executive.


6. Cisco Meraki

Size: Between 1,001 and 5,000 employees

Description: Founded in 2005, Cisco Meraki specializes in networking that operates on the cloud. Their products help companies to connect with each other and conduct business, even from different countries. Cisco Meraki develops new products on its own platform and also engages in sales and marketing. At Cisco Meraki, you might find work in positions like a technical marketing engineer, a project coordinator or a network support engineer.


7. Duck Creek Technologies

Size: Between 1,000 and 1,500 employees

Description: Duck Creek Technologies is an information technology company that produces software for insurance businesses. They use a comprehensive SaaS platform to offer various services to clients that can improve their insurance businesses and offer support to associates at all levels in the industry. Duck Creek Technologies started in 2000 and continues to serve insurance companies in Chicago and across the United States. Some jobs you might pursue at Duck Creek Technologies include a software engineer, a software solutions engineer and a business analyst.


8. Maven Wave

Size: Between 201 and 500 employees

Description: Founded in 2008, Maven Wave offers technology products to companies that can make transitioning to digital processes easier. Maven Wave also provides consulting services that allow them to evaluate a company’s technology needs and make specific recommendations that can increase their chances of success. At Maven Wave, you might find open jobs in roles like a management consultant, a cloud-managed services solutions engineer and a technical lead.


9. OppLoans

Size: Between 11 and 50 employees

Description: OppLoans is a FinTech company that offers financial advice and services to customers who want to improve their financial standings. Since its founding in 2012, OppLoans has helped many customers by preparing and distributing installment loans that can allow them to improve their credit scores. Some jobs that you might find at OppLoans include a full-stack engineer, a data analytics associate and a software engineer who specializes in Clojure.


10. FourKites

Size: Between 501 and 1,000 employees

Description: Founded in 2014, FourKites provides a platform that offers predictive supply chain visibility to companies that make shipments and deliveries. The primary goal of FourKites is typically to help businesses minimize the cost of their operations and reduce the time they need for each delivery process. FourKites also aims to find ways for businesses to maintain positive relationships with their customers by offering excellent service and communication. At FourKites, you might find openings for positions like an operations associate, a front-end engineer or an IT support analyst.


10 Tech Companies in the Chicago Area to Work For
10 Tech Companies in the Chicago Area to Work For


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