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17 Entry Level Jobs That Pay Over $40,000 per Year- AppIy

Finding a job that pays you what you are worth is amongst if not the most important part of enjoying your career. It should thus be good news to hear that there are actually many careers that start at $40,000 per year with additional room to grow. In this article, we discuss careers with entry-level pay at or above $40,000 per year, including average salaries and common responsibilities for each.

There are many jobs and fields where you can earn a high salary, including six-figure salaries that result in hundreds or thousands earned in a day. Knowing what these roles are and how you can earn a high salary in these careers can ensure you’re following the right steps to earn your ideal pay. In this article, we review a few ways to optimize your earning potential throughout your career and explore some jobs where you can earn $1,000 per day.

How to find an entry-level job that pays over $40,000 per year

If you’re looking to work in a field with starting salaries over $40,000, you should know that this is indeed an achievable goal, but it will take you some preparation. Here is what to do in order to find a job starting at or above $40,000 per year:

  1. Do your research. There are many options when pursuing a career with a high starting salary, and by researching your options early you can identify the career path that most appeals to you, then target the education and advancement the field requires.

  2. Consider taking up a trade. One of the best ways to enter into a lucrative field is to consider becoming a trade professional, such as working as an electrician or plumber. Trades often have unions that allow for competitive starting wages and significant room for growth.

  3. Attend a university or college. Many careers with higher starting salaries require college degrees. Choosing a major that matches your chosen field and earning a bachelor’s or master’s degree is an excellent way to raise your starting salary.

  4. Find an internship or apprenticeship opportunity. Workplace experience is extremely valuable for developing your skills, and also helps you to make contacts within your chosen field. Having an apprenticeship or internship allows you to earn experience and find a job that compensates you well.

  5. Pursue an industry certification. Anytime you can add credentials to your resume it raises your earning ability. An industry certification, which usually calls for the completion of an examination that demonstrates your knowledge, helps to increase your credibility as an expert and increases your earning potential.

  6. Update your resume and apply for positions. Identifying opportunities and representing yourself well in applications is crucial in finding a job that pays well. Your resume is often the only thing considered in the first round of applicant cuts, so adjust it to focus on the skills and responsibilities listed in the job posting.

17 Entry level jobs that pay over $40,000 per year

If you are looking for a career where your entry-level position pays over $40,000, consider working in one of these fields. For the most up-to-date salary information from Indeed Salaries, click on the salary link by each job title below:

1. Equipment operator

National average salary: $40,860 per year

Primary duties: An equipment operator drives and controls large machines like dump trucks, bulldozers, forklifts and backhoes. Jobs working with heavy machinery pay well and offer an opportunity to earn a high wage without a degree from a college or university. Equipment operators work in a variety of settings including road work, home improvement & construction projects and warehouse operations.

2. Carpenter

National average salary: $41,440 per year

Primary duties: A carpenter builds and repairs wood buildings and structures. Some carpenters specialize in specific portions of the carpentry process, such as a framing specialist, while others prefer to cover all aspects of a carpentry project themselves. Carpentry is a field that allows for an entry-level applicant with no degree to immediately begin earning competitive wages, with potential for significant growth as skills develop.

3. Machinist

National average salary: $42,940 per year

Primary duties: Machinists are responsible for the creation of precision refined metal parts. In order to succeed as a machinist, it is important to develop skills working with a variety of machines and tools used in the machining process. Because of the technical nature of the job, it is common for a machinist to either attend a trade school or to participate in an apprenticeship program. These options allow the machinist to develop the skills they need for the job prior to taking up an entry-level machining position.

4. Mental health counselor

National average salary: $44,360 per year

Primary duties: A mental health counselor provides care to patients through counseling sessions. Some mental health counselors opt to specialize in a specific field, such as working with teenagers or serving as a couples therapist. Mental health counseling sessions can take on a variety of forms, and many counselors will adjust their methods to account for the individual needs of each patient they speak with. A mental health counselor needs to attend a college or university and earn a master’s degree in a field such as psychology, and in many states requires state certification to practice.

5. Sheet metal mechanic

National average salary: $44,360 per year

Primary duties: A sheet metal mechanic is a trade professional who specializes in the molding and cutting of sheet metal. The mechanic creates a variety of metal-working projects using skills that include welding, cutting and assembling. Sheet metal mechanics do not need to attend a university or college but can benefit from study at a trade school prior to entering the job market.

6. Firefighter

National average salary: $44,276 per year

Primary duties: A firefighter responds to fires and other emergencies to protect the citizens and residents of the town or city that employs them. Firefighters often work long shifts that last for over 24 hours, and sleep and live at the firehouse during these shifts to allow for immediate response in the event of an emergency. Firefighters need to be physically and mentally strong to manage the demands of the position.

7. Solar technician

National average salary: $45,100 per year

Primary duties: A solar technician handles the assembly, installation and maintenance of solar energy systems. A technician may be asked to assess a potential client’s property for suitability of solar panel installation, and offer guidance on the number and placement of panels to get the best results. Solar technicians spend the majority of their days working outside, as well as in their vehicle moving between solar network locations.

8. Electrician

National average salary: $47,760 per year

Primary duties: An electrician is responsible for installation, maintenance and repairs on electrical networks. Electricians are often tasked with reading and interpreting technical documents in order to properly install electrical wiring inside of a home or building. Electricians are also called on to assess non-functional electronics, diagnose the problem and provide the necessary repairs to get it working again.

9. Plumber

National average salary: $48,440 per year

Primary duties: A plumber is responsible for the installation, maintenance and repairs of pipes, drainage systems and other plumbing structures. A plumber will often be tasked with following blueprints when installing plumbing systems. In the event of emergency repairs, a plumber may be required to work in non-traditional hours in order to address a problem before it can escalate and cause further damage to a building.

10. Forensic science technician

National average salary: $50,050 per year

Primary duties: A forensic science technician is responsible for assisting in the investigation of crimes by assessing and analyzing evidence. A forensic scientist requires a bachelor’s degree in forensic science or a related science field. The majority of a forensic science technician’s work occurs in a laboratory setting as they perform analysis on the evidence gathered.

11. Truck driver

National average salary: $61,046 per year

Primary duties: Truck drivers are responsible for the safe transport of products around the country. In order to pursue a career in trucking, drivers may be required to earn a special driver’s license that corresponds with the size of the truck that is being driven. Truck drivers often work long hours when moving a load, but compensation for such routes is considerable.

12. Sales representative

National average salary: $64,201 per year

Primary duties: A sales representative is responsible for contacting or meeting with prospective clients in order to sell a product or service to them. Sales representatives need to possess strong interpersonal skills to accurately read a potential customer and adjust their marketing pitch to meet the client and make a sale. Often, sales representatives will receive bonus compensation in the form of commission on sales, allowing for significant compensation growth for successful sales professionals.

13. Public relations manager

National average salary: $61,058 per year

Primary duties: A public relations manager is responsible for handling the public representation of a company or individual. Public relations managers may act in a proactive fashion, organizing and preparing public engagements, or in a reactive manner, responding to an incident where their client has been in the news. Common tasks for a public relations manager include drafting and releasing statements in a manner that represents the client as positively as possible.

14. Surgical technician

National average salary: $63,440 per year

Primary duties: Surgical technicians are a part of the surgical team and assist in a surgical procedure to ensure the safety of the patient. Surgical technicians are responsible for surgical preparation, including the cleaning and sanitization of operating rooms as well as sterilization of equipment and stocking supplies prior to a procedure. A surgical technician is also responsible for tracking all implements in the room to ensure that all items are safely removed from the patient prior to closing up.

15. Biologist

National average salary: $81,053 per year

Primary duties: A biologist is a scientist who specializes in the study of humans, animals, plants and ecosystems. Biologists work in a variety of fields of study. Most notably, some biologists work in the study and development of medicine and other treatments for illness and disease. Biologists often seek professional advancement by publishing the results of their scientific experiment, which can provide the opportunity for both an improved position as well as direct financial gain.

16. Web developer

National average salary: $86,908 per year

Primary duties: A web developer is responsible for coding online websites and platforms. An effective web developer needs to understand multiple coding languages and is constantly learning as the available platforms and languages in use change over time. Web developers can make a high income both working as part of a team in a full-time position or through independent contracting, which provides additional flexibility in exchange for a loss of stability. Web developers often work traditional office hours, however, for projects with tight deadlines, extended working periods are occasionally required.

17. Phsycial therapist

National average salary: $99,340 per year

Primary duties: A physical therapist provides assistance to individuals with physical disabilities or who are recovering from injuries, developing therapy plans which seek to build muscles and improve the client’s functionality. Some therapists work primarily out of a main office or practice with clients coming in for treatment, while others make visits directly to the home of clients. Physical therapy is a fulfilling career choice that allows a professional to have a positive impact on the lives of their clients while also being financially rewarding.


Entry Level Jobs
Entry Level Jobs

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