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A Comprehensive Guide to Unlocking Your Earning Potential with 31 High-Paying Jobs: Jobs That Pay R550 an Hour or More (Including Duties).

A Comprehensive Guide to Unlocking Your Earning Potential with 31 High-Paying Jobs: Jobs That Pay R550 an Hour or More (Including Duties).When you start looking for a job, you can find many high-paying positions that reward you for the time and effort you dedicated to perfecting your skills and knowledge. Depending on your interests, you can find lucrative roles in fields like health care, engineering, management and human resources. Learning about jobs that pay R550 an hour or more can help you find a position that meets your wage requirements.

In this article, we list 31 jobs that pay R550 an hour or more and provide their common duties and expected wages.


17 jobs that pay R550 per hour or more

Here are 17 jobs you can pursue that pay at least R550 an hour.

1. Lawyer

National average wage: R1500 per hour

Primary duties: A lawyer provides advice to their clients and helps them navigate legal problems. They may represent clients in criminal or civil cases, explain legal concepts and perform research to better understand legal concepts. Some lawyers have years of experience in a particular field and choose to specialize in certain areas of law, including environmental law, intellectual property law or business law. If a lawyer works for themselves, they can establish their own schedule and still receive excellent pay. Alternatively, they may work for different companies like legal firms and large corporations that have their own legal teams.

2. Aeronautical engineer

National average wage: R650 per hour

Primary duties: An aeronautical engineer works in the aviation industry and designs, builds and tests aircraft and various aviation equipment. They oversee the development of aviation products, create and test prototypes and use computer visualization software and mathematics to complete these tests.

3. Senior web developer

National average wage: R742.34 per hour

Primary duties: Senior web developers use advanced computer coding skills to create and debug the backend of various websites, computer applications, tools and databases. Sometimes, they assume a customer service role by communicating with clients to determine their needs and establish ongoing relationships with loyal clients. Still, this employer provides quotes and works alongside designers and writers. A senior web developer may work as a backend web developer, a front-end web developer or a full-stack developer in an in-house or remote position.

4. Adjunct professor

National average wage: R543.53 per hour

Primary duties: An adjunct professor teaches undergraduate and graduate students, creates a course syllabus, evaluates student performance and provides academic help. An adjunct faculty member facilitates learning and instruction much like a full-time professor does. Depending on the institution at which they teach, an adjunct professor may be responsible for teaching online courses to students who are attending the university but live in a different city, state or country. They have excellent communication skills to relay information via lectures and presentations and listen to students’ specific needs.

5. Midwife

National average wage: R644.94 per hour

Primary duties: A midwife assists pregnant women through labor and delivery and provides support after childbirth. They may perform physical exams, treat and diagnose patients and, in some states, write prescriptions. Midwives also provide counseling and education to their patients.

6. Application developer

National average wage: R745.40 per hour

Primary duties: An app developer designs and creates programming applications. The majority of the work an app developer completes involves testing the source code and debugging strings of code as necessary. This employee may also update existing applications, monitor programs for potential security threats and perform troubleshooting measures.

7. Speech-language pathologist

National average wage: R646.23 per hour

Primary duties: Speech-language pathologists help patients overcome difficult speech problems like selective mutism and stuttering. Employers also hire speech-language pathologists to prevent, diagnose and treat disorders as they relate to swallowing. They work with both children and adults to review treatment options and create individual management and therapy plans.

8. Software developer

National average wage: R846.72 per hour

Primary duties: A software developer builds computer programs. They create new applications for mobile devices and desktop computers. Software developers also research software programs, test new programs and identify areas for improvement. This kind of individual can assume a freelance software developer role in which they can choose which projects to accept and work flexible hours.

9. Advanced practice registered nurse

National average wage: R546.78 per hour

Primary duties: An advanced practice registered nurse (APRN) can work independently or under the guidance of a physician to observe patients, record their medical histories and diagnose medical problems. Other job duties include evaluating how a patient reacts to treatments and making adjustments to a patient’s treatment plan as necessary. An APRN may be a nurse practitioner, a nurse midwife or another kind of nurse with advanced training.

10. Veterinarian

National average wage: R548.40 per hour

Primary duties: A veterinarian treats and diagnoses diseases, injuries and disorders in animals. They examine animals, provide care advice to pet owners, treat wounds and perform surgery as necessary. Some veterinarians specialize in specific areas of veterinary medicine, like small or large animal medicine, while others may treat animals in general.

11. Physical therapist

National average wage: R651.23 per hour

Primary duties: A physical therapist helps injured or ill patients regain mobility. They consult with patients to learn about their conditions, conduct patient examinations, track their progress and develop an appropriate treatment plan. A physical therapist also teaches patients how to use physical therapy techniques to help with their recovery at home.

12. Project manager

National average wage: R859.72 per hour

Primary duties: A project manager leads, plans and monitors specific projects. They organize the project team, ensure employees follow good time management practices, establish a budget and mitigate project risk. A project manager may assume a project that relates to graphic design, social media, marketing campaigns, information technology (IT) or another field. Depending on the complexity of the project they’re supervising, a project manager may consult with other senior members of an organization to ensure a project’s accuracy.

13. Physician

National average wage: R966.79 per hour

Primary duties: Physicians complete higher education to conduct patient examinations, record medical histories, prescribe medications and perform diagnostic tests. They create individualized treatment plans based on patient examinations and test results. A physician can also refer a patient to a specialist to help them find the exact care they need to achieve a full recovery and lead a healthy life. This individual can have a flexible work schedule if they work for themselves and establish their own practice hours.

14. Physician assistant

National average wage: R667.91 per hour

Primary duties: A physician assistant fulfills extensive education requirements to provide support to a leading physician. They meet with patients, diagnose and treat illnesses, create individual treatment plans and prescribe medications. Depending on the environment in which they work, a physician assistant may also assist with minor surgical procedures.

15. Dentist

National average wage: R979.57 per hour

Primary duties: A dentist has extensive experience and training in diagnosing, treating and preventing various oral conditions and diseases. They promote oral health by educating patients on proper oral hygiene practices. Dentists also create treatment plans, interpret X-rays and perform surgeries. A dentist may earn a higher salary by specializing in endodontic care, periodontic care or a related field.

16. Psychiatrist

National average wage: R2138 per hour

Primary duties: Psychiatrists diagnose and treat mental illnesses like emotional and behavioral disorders. They meet and observe patients, create treatment plans to help with their mental distress and prescribe medication as necessary. Psychiatrists also refer patients to psychologists who can perform psychotherapy and other treatments to help a patient manage their condition.

17. Surgeon

National average wage: R2161 per hour

Primary duties: A surgeon performs operations on patients to treat serious conditions. They may conduct preoperative diagnoses, perform the necessary operations and provide instructions for postoperative care. Depending on their area of specialty and career path, a surgeon may specialize in areas like bariatric, endocrine or gastrointestinal surgery. They receive good pay because of the responsibilities they have to their patients.

14 jobs that pay R550 per hour or more and don’t require a degree

You can earn an excellent pay rate of at least R550 per hour without needing a specific degree like an undergraduate degree or a master’s degree. Employers may appreciate candidates with the right skill set and who can show a history of hard work. You may be able to work in one of the following 14 lucrative jobs by acquiring relevant work experience or completing on-the-job training:

  1. Corporate development manager: R550.32 per hour

  2. Air traffic controller: R541.88 per hour

  3. Human resources director: R541.95 per hour

  4. Sales director: R542.44 per hour

  5. Real estate analyst: R544.67 per hour

  6. Growth marketer: R545.31 per hour

  7. Business development director: R545.41 per hour

  8. Creative director: R545.50 per hour

  9. People analytics manager: R545.75 per hour

  10. Plant manager: R547.39 per hour

  11. Strategy director: R560.43 per hour

  12. Analytics director: R560.76 per hour

  13. User interface designer: R564.20 per hour

  14. Advertising agent: R572.43 per hour


High-Paying Jobs
High-Paying Jobs

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