Heroes of the Storm comes full circle as a mod of the game of the mod

I’ve never really got on with mobas, the exception to the rule being Blizzard’s excellent Heroes of the Storm. Inspired by Defense of the Ancients, the Warcraft 3 mod that birthed the entire genre, HotS was released in 2015 to a largely positive reception from critics and players. But despite the game’s quality, and years of support from Blizzard, it never managed to reach that critical mass of players.

Support had been winding down for years before, in mid-2022, Blizzard put the final bullet in HotS and announced the end of active development. The game continues to have hero rotations and the odd minor balance patch, but the news was nevertheless greeted with dismay by its hardcore fans. And some weren’t content to leave it there.

In something of a full circle moment, a mod team has now announced that the mod-that-became-a-game is now the subject of a new and impressively full-featured mod project. Resurgence of the Storm is a recreation of Heroes of the Storm within the Starcraft 2 engine, and can be found in that game’s Arcade section. It’s been in development for over four years and features 15 heroes, nearly all of which have balance changes or new talents compared to their HotS counterparts.

Source: pcgamer.

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