Two Games Will Leave Xbox Game Pass In Early February 2024

Microsoft has revealed the first two games leaving Xbox Game Pass in February 2024, with one of them departing on both console and PC (Opus: Echo of Starsong), while the other is a PC exclusive (Galactic Civilizations 3). There’s every chance we could learn of more upcoming removals over the next few days, so we’ll update this article if that proves to be the case. For now though, it’s confirmed that two games will leaving Game Pass in mid-Feb.

Here’s the list of titles leaving Xbox Game Pass on (or around) February 15th, 2024: As is always the case, you can save at least 20% on both of these titles until they leave Xbox Game Pass in a couple of weeks’ time. You can obviously keep playing them until their removal dates as well!

In terms of what’s next, we’re expecting to learn of more additions to this month’s Xbox Game Pass lineup over the next few days, and we should find out about more upcoming departures around the 16th or 17th.To unlock all 50 Opus: Echo of Starsong – Full Bloom Edition achievements, you’ll need to set aside roughly 20 hours. On paper, the completion looks pretty tricky, with numerous missable and collectible achievements peppered throughout its list, as well as an achievement for speeding through the game in under eight hours.

As for Galactic Civilizations III, we don’t have enough player data to give you a completion estimate for its base list, so if you are one of the three tracked TA members who has managed the 1,000G in the 4X strategy game, let us know what the completion was like down in the comments.

While we wait for Microsoft to announce the next batch of games coming soon to Xbox Game Pass, make sure you check out our list of all the confirmed upcoming Game Pass games to get a good idea of what’s on the way.

Source: trueachievements

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