Visions of Mana will not be available on Game Pass

Visions of Mana is set to launch on Xbox Series X|S and PC sometime in the summer, and players have found multiple mentions of Xbox Game Pass on the Xbox store players recently spotted mentions of Xbox Game Pass in Google searches for Square Enix’s Visions of Mana, sparking hopes that the first Visions game to launch on Xbox would arrive in the service. Microsoft has now said that it’s not the case, however.

Microsoft has confirmed that the references suggesting that Visions of Mana will be launching into Xbox Game Pass were an error, as the company currently doesn’t “have any plans” to add to the service.

“We’re aware that included language that indicated Visions of Mana was coming to Xbox Game Pass and can confirm this was an error,” a Microsoft spokesperson said in a statement shared with Eurogamer. “While we are always updating the library and looking for new ways to provide members with value and choice, we do not have plans to bring Visions of Mana to Game Pass at this time.

Microsoft hasn’t said that Visions of Mana will be joining Xbox Game Pass later this year, but the website looks to have mentioned it multiple times. It was the odd one out during the Xbox Developer Direct as the only game not coming to Game Pass, but that could change if the Xbox store mentions are correct.

Spotted by users on X, the Xbox website seems to list Visions of Mana as one of the games coming to Game Pass in 2024. Earlier this month, X user Idle Sloth shared a screenshot of Visions of Mana’s store page, which included the Game Pass-focused phrase “Play Day One.” Now it seems Visions of Mana Google searches are linking it to Game Pass in the store.

At the time of writing, our searches didn’t show the same results. According to user Knoebel on X, who originally shared Xbox Game Pass mentions in the Visions of Mana store page’s source code, Microsoft removed the line shortly after they posted about it, which would explain why Google no longer shows the results shared in Idle Sloth’s post.

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In other news – Xbox Game Pass loses two games in February

Microsoft has revealed the first two games leaving Xbox Game Pass in February 2024, with one of them departing on both console and PC (Opus: Echo of Starsong), while the other is a PC exclusive (Galactic Civilizations 3).

Xbox Game

There’s every chance we could learn of more upcoming removals over the next few days, so we’ll update this article if that proves to be the case. For now though, it’s confirmed that two games will leaving Game Pass in mid-February. Read more

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