Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Shuts Down After 10 Years

Kim Kardashian announced that she is shutting down her mobile game Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, with the app being already removed from mobile app stores. This marks the end of almost a decade of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, a popular mobile game that gathered millions of players and generated massive revenue for the celebrity.

While Kim Kardashian isn’t mainly known for her gaming activities, the launch of her mobile app Kim Kardashian: Hollywood in 2014 was met with tremendous success. Kim Kardashian: Hollywood was downloaded over 42 million times and had been played for a total of 35,000 years only two years after its launch. This mobile game let players create their own character and begin their journey to stardom, completing various challenges and dating A-list celebrities as they gain in popularity.

Kim Kardashian

Almost ten years after its initial release, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood will be closing its doors on April 8. The game has already been removed from iOS and Google Play app stores, so new players won’t be able to give Kim Kardashian: Hollywood a chance before the servers permanently shut down. Kim Kardashian herself announced the end of her mobile game, thanking her fans for their support but stating it was time for her to “focus that energy into other passions.” Players who log into Kim Kardashian: Hollywood now have a message warning about the imminent shutdown of the game, prompting them to spend any of their in-game currency before Kim Kardashian: Hollywood becomes inaccessible.

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood featured various microtransactions for players who want to customize their character. The in-game currency, known as K-stars, allowed players to purchase various cosmetics, from clothing to furniture, home, pets, and energy. Despite Kim Kardashian expressing her dislike for microtransactions, her mobile game used them to generate over $200 million in its first year, with around $45 million for the celebrity herself. With the imminent shutdown of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, some players expressed their sadness as they will no longer be able to benefit from the in-game items and bonuses they purchased.

The end of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood marks the end of an era for some players who have been playing the game for almost a decade. Those looking for a new gaming addiction can check out some of the best mobile simulation games currently available, such as Sims FreePlay or Stardew Valley. While these games don’t feature real-life celebrities like Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, they include many customization options for players to create their own characters and make a name for themselves in an interesting world.

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