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Netflix ‘Bridgerton’ stars reveal new details amid season 3 release

Netflix Bridgerton fans are eagerly waiting for season 3 release. The platform’s ‘most watched’ English show is dropping on 16th May 2024, and ahead of its release, Nicola Coughlan and Luke Newton sat down for a candid chat with People Magazine.Reflecting on Colin and Penelope’s romance, Luke shared in this chat, “I think there’s always been that underlying sort of question mark with these two characters.”

He also addressed, “And people have obviously wanted them to get to the point that we’re getting to now, so I guess it was always in the back of our minds.”


“You kind of play that in previous seasons and in previous scenes, but you can’t really prepare for stripping down naked in front of your friends,” he added before moving to another topic.

In this chat, Nicola also dished, “The intimacy stuff feels very real.”

She even mentioned, “It feels very grounded in two people that are not trying to sort of, that they’re awkward in front of one another, this and that.”

“And all of a sudden they become like Lotharios in the bedroom and whatever, they get to be intimate together in a very real and beautiful way, and I think that’s what makes it so affecting,” the Irish actress maintained in conclusion.

Source: People

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