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Meghan Markle starting to panic in Hollywood

Meghan Markle is reportedly starting to feel the overwhelming urge of panic over a royal documentary that’s coming out.

For those unversed, its being reported that the royals’ panic is over the possibility of her past self being revealed to the public.

The documentary in question is being made by German TV producer Ulrike Grunewal.

Meghan Markle

She’s currently in Montecito to gather some insight into Meghan and Harry’s life abroad.

In light of all that, a source has also come forward to offer more detail from the Sussex’s camp.

During their chat with OK! The insider claimed, “it’s no secret that they both led colourful lives before they met each other, and while Harry has spoken about a lot of mistakes in his book, there are still things about Meghan we don’t know

Source: BBC

In other news – Keir Starmer makes pre-election pitch with six pledges

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer is to outline the first steps he would take if his party wins the next election. The six commitments include a border security command to tackle the criminal gangs behind small boat crossings and recruiting 6,500 teachers.

Keir Starmer

At an event in Essex on Thursday, Sir Keir will say the pledges will help begin “a decade of national renewal. Read more

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