Prince William reveals his true feelings over new title

Prince William shared his excitement after he received a new major title and future role from his father King Charles in an emotional ceremony.

According to palace, at the Army Aviation Centre in Middle Wallop on Monday, the King officially handed over the role of Colonel-in-Chief of the Army Air Corps – the combat aviation arm of the British Army – to Prince William. Later, taking to X, formerly Twitter handle, Prince William shared a video from his visit and the handover ceremony, saying: “A special day at Army Air Corps for the official Colonel-in-Chief handover from His Majesty The King.

Prince William

The future king further said, “Spending time hearing about the important role of battlefield helicopters and aircraft in the British army, and getting back in the Apache for an Army Air Corps capability demonstration.”

Earlier, after officially receiving the role, the Prince of Wales embarked on his first engagement with the Army Air Corps as Colonel-in-Chief.

He received a briefing on the Army Air Corps’ current work and saw training and operational aircraft used by the Regiment, before meeting aircrew and the supporting ground staff.

Prince William also heard from soldiers across a range of roles within the regiment that are involved in supporting operations.

The Prince left the base on an Apache capability flight, learning more about the capabilities of the equipment and the people that fly and support it

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UK wage

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