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24 High-Paying Jobs in New York You Can Do With No Degree

New York, New York, can be a great city for those looking for an entry-level job that requires little educational training. Individuals can find a variety of jobs in all sorts of industries, ranging from aircraft mechanics to real estate brokers. Learning about potential careers to pursue in this northern city without a secondary education can help you when searching for a job. In this article, we list some high-paying jobs in New York, New York, that don’t require a degree, discuss how much they make in this location and explain their typical job duties.

14 high-paying jobs with no degrees in New York, New York

The following are some high-paying jobs in New York, New York, that don’t require a degree. For the most up-to-date Indeed salaries, please click on the links below:

1. Boiler operator

New York City average salary: $63,075 per year

Primary duties: A boiler operator maintains and repairs boiler equipment and rooms. This type of technician monitors the current condition of different components through safety tests and water sampling. Job duties include replacing worn parts, fixing broken pipes, recording daily readings, adjusting equipment and inspecting fluids.

2. Electrician

New York City average salary: $63,166 per year

Primary duties: An electrician designs, installs, maintains and fixes electrical wiring systems in businesses and homes. This involves making sure wiring follows electrical codes and local regulations. Electricians also read technical diagrams and blueprints, inspect circuit breakers and other electrical components, repair fixtures and plan installations.

3. Claims adjuster

New York City average salary: $68,945 per year

Primary duties: A claims adjuster investigates insurance claims to figure out how much money the company pays for loss or damages. To do this, they inspect damaged property, such as homes after a fire. Their responsibilities include gathering information related to the case, preparing reports on their findings, investigating questionable claims and consulting with specialists.

4. Ship captain

New York City average salary: $72,429 per year

Primary duties: A ship captain oversees an entire vessel while out at sea. This consists of controlling the speed of the ship and managing crew members. Ship captains also maintain ship logs about the ship’s daily activities, supervise the ships unloading and loading, inspect the vessels and lead safety drills.

5. Advertising sales representative

New York City average salary: $73,963 per year

Primary duties: An advertising sales representative or agents sell advertising space to businesses and individuals for a publication. These professionals act as a point of contact for prospective clients and answer any questions they may have, such as estimates for a product. Advertising sales representatives make sales calls, develop long-term relationships with clients, assist customers with ad layout and recommend appropriate advertisement sizing.

6. Elevator technician

New York City average salary: $79,154 per year

Primary duties: An elevator technician installs, repairs and services elevators. They may also perform work on escalators and mechanical walkways. Job duties include reading blueprints, following appropriate procedures, conducting safety checks, replacing or preparing broken parts, greasing parts and responding to mechanical failures.

7. Delivery driver

New York City average salary: $81,195 per year

Primary duties: A delivery driver or carrier transports packages from a mail facility to a commercial or residential address. Some of their responsibilities include loading their delivery vehicle, following routes on a set schedule, collecting payments and providing excellent customer service. The salary for delivery drivers in New York, New York, is 28% higher than the national average.

8. Gas plant operator

New York City average salary: $81,546 per year

Primary duties: A gas plant operator supervises the storage and distribution of natural gas. They begin by diagnosing equipment malfunctions and abnormal pressures so they can determine how to repair them. Other responsibilities include cleaning production equipment, adjusting equipment controls to regulate the gas flow, observing temperature levels and shutting down the plant equipment.

9. Aircraft mechanic

New York City average salary: $82,699 per year

Primary duties: An aircraft mechanic oversees and maintains aircraft for an organization. This involves inspecting and repairing parts when defects occur. Job duties include diagnosing mechanical problems, conducting regular systems inspections, performing diagnostic tests to detect malfunctions and maintaining a repair log.

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10. Firefighter

New York City average salary: $90,368 per year

Primary duties: A firefighter extinguishes fires that pose the potential to destroy property and environments. Their job also includes reducing people and animals from dangerous situations. Other job duties include performing search and rescue, giving first aid services as needed, preparing reports about incidents and educating the community about fire safety practices.

11. Real estate broker

New York City average salary: $91,555 per year

Primary duties: A real estate broker or associate represents a home and helps clients purchase a property. These types of real estate agents pass their broker license exam and may own a real estate firm or hire agents. Responsibilities include monitoring their agents, negotiating agreements for buyers and sellers, drafting contracts and soliciting prospective clients by promoting their real estate services.

12. Operating engineer

New York City average salary: $100,883 per year

Primary duties: An operating engineer controls and maintains heavy construction equipment, such as bulldozers and excavators. When using these types of equipment, they make sure to follow safety practices to avoid hazards. Operating engineers clean their equipment, repair any broken parts and train others how to use the machinery.

13. Artist

New York City average salary: $103,303 per year

Primary duties: An artist uses a variety of mediums to create paintings, drawings, sculptures or other creative products. They research trends, learn certain techniques, develop creative ideas and select the materials needed to complete their project. On average, artists in New York, New York, make 76% more than the national average salary.

14. Criminal investigator

New York City average salary: $113,762 per year

Primary duties: A criminal investigator observes a crime scene and evidence to help solve cases. They work with other law enforcement officers and detectives to determine what occurred and who to arrest for a felony. Job duties include applying deductive reasoning to make conclusions, interviewing witnesses, observing suspects, writing detailed case reports and testifying in court about their findings.

Additional high-paying jobs with no degree in New York, New York

Here are some more high-paying jobs to consider in New York, New York, without a degree:

  1. Travel agent: $67,459 per year

  2. Funeral director: $68,482 per year

  3. Chef: $68,816 per year

  4. Hotel manager: $71,714 per year

  5. Insurance agent: $73,026 per year

  6. HVAC installer: $75,449 per year

  7. Construction supervisor: $78,445 per year

  8. Distribution manager: $84,530 per year

  9. Model: $136,144 per year

  10. Pilot: $191,816 per year


24 High-Paying Jobs in New York You Can Do With No Degree
24 High-Paying Jobs in New York You Can Do With No Degree

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