Prince William ‘disowns’ Prince Harry, no hope for reconciliation

Prince William has reportedly given up on his younger brother Prince Harry and has no hopes to reconcile with him. According to BBC’s royal correspondent Jennie Bond, the Prince of Wales has “disowned” Harry following his continuous attacks on the Royal family.

Speaking with OK! Magazine, the expert told the Royal fans that they should “give up hope” of seeing the Royal brothers reconcile. I think we have to give up hope that the rift between the brothers will be healed at any time in the near future, or indeed ever,” Bond revealed.

Prince William

“William’s head and heart must be bursting with all that he has on his plate right now: his wife’s cancer treatment, his father’s illness, his children growing up fast, the pressure for him to take on more royal duties, the prospect of becoming King earlier than he might ever have wanted.

Bond went on to add that William has moved on from Harry even though there was a time the brother were very “close.

“Dealing with ‘the Harry problem’ is probably just one step too far for William. I believe he has moved on with his life and has, to all intents and purposes, disowned the brother to whom he was once so close,” she said

Source: People

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Prince William

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